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The 4 Step System
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Triple the value of your retail/eCommerce business
without you doing all the work

Brand New From Salena Knight

“New Masterclass Reveals

How To Build A Retail/Ecom Business That’s Worth Millions...

Without You Doing All The Work”

From The Desk of Salena Knight

Hey there Retail/eCom business owner,

If you'd like to have your business generate a very healthy salary for you and, let’s face it, makes you happy, without running yourself into the ground, this will be the most important Masterclass you'll watch this year.

But First, Read This Disclaimer:

The info in this Masterclass isn’t going to be for everyone.

There are a lot of people who are happy to get up each day, put in the hours, draw a small wage and life’s good.

And that’s totally OK.

BUT it’s ok to want more. More freedom, more impact, more holidays, more money, then you’ve created a vehicle to help you do just that - with your business.

And if you want to triple the value of that business, without running yourself into the ground, what you’re about to learn will help you do just that.

I’ve 10x’d retail & eCom stores using these strategies - but those results AREN’T typical. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your experience, your resources, and your leadership skills (or willingness to develop them).

So Who Is This Masterclass For? 

Want to know something interesting that I’ve discovered in my years 15+ years of working with hundreds of HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL Retail & eCommerce Business Owners?

Every single one of them reaches a plateau in their business. 

But instead of hustling harder or working longer, they made the decision to surround themselves with business experts, high-level peers and a loyal, skilled team, so they could achieve better results,

faster <- THAT’S why they’re highly successful.

I’ve also noticed that many of them share similar characteristics.

  • They thrive on challenges. 

  • Their best work is done with deadlines. 

  • And they have LOTS of ideas that need to be implemented “right now”.

Do any of those sound familiar?

They certainly sum me up!

Looking back, when I owned my chain of stores, I can see that whilst those things drove me, they created a chaotic workplace culture,  where my skilled, loyal and fantastic team, was completely dysfunctional.

Because I was so busy managing, rather than leading, I had no clarity, so I wasn’t giving them them clear direction.

Sure, they were totally on board with my vision for the business, they loved what we sold and they adored our customers…but they just didn’t know their part in how to get us there.

They were super eager to be a part of growing this fabulous brand, they just needed me to guide them.

How Does This Help You? 

The exciting part is when you get past the need to be the boss and step into that 'CEO' role, aside from finding a renewed passion and enthusiasm for your business, truly amazing things happen.

Like the many times that the point of sale software interface had a huge makeover, yet when I walked into work, the team excitedly told me about the new functions and how they’d already updated the process manual to reflect them. #winning

Think about all those great ideas you have, those projects that you’ve been talking about but never got around to starting, or lets be honest, the half hearted marketing promo’s you started, but never finished.

Now imagine they were all mapped out and implemented without you having to do a thing…

What would that do for you?

How would you feel?

How much further could you take your business, if you weren’t stuck in the minutiae of micromanaging and doing all the things?

What's Next...

If you're honest with yourself, what actions are you taking...

What actions are you NOT taking (cos you’re “too busy”)...

And most importantly, how do you feel?

So right now, you have a choice. 

You can take off now, instead of a year from now or even two.

Whether you want to grow this business to build an empire, leave a legacy, or just use it as a vehicle to make money so you can do other things or cash out when you’re ready…

This is where every moment becomes a choice

Are you going to be the old version of you that got you here to this moment,

or are you going to choose the new version of you who knows that your success is inevitable?

I’m looking forward to seeing you grow on this fantastic journey!

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