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Hey there,

Black Friday / Cyber Monday is just around the corner, and I can guarantee that if you don't have a killer promotion to run, your competitors are going to steal your customers (and their wallets).

Last year, in the US alone, 87.2 million U.S. consumers shopped online on Black Friday.
In Australia, spending hit a record high over the BF/CM period.

And in the UK, over £12 BILLION was spent.

See what I mean. YOU need to cash in on a slice of that pie!

As we launch headfirst into the spending season, there are more obstacles than ever before when it comes to selling.

Are we heading into (or in) a recession?

Are customers going to spend up big or be conservative?

Are they going to be more value driven, or willing to spend on nice things?

Are they going to be pre-buying for Christmas, or buying for themselves?

Right now, we’re in the lead up to the holiday spend fest, and this is a crucial time to make sure your promotions are ready to go.

Because there are NO do-overs.

If you miss this opportunity, you're going to have to wait ANOTHER 12 months...

If you want a proven method to make sure you leverage all that spending, to be able to generate new customers and revenue for your store, then keep reading.

Here’s why.

On this page, you’re going to get access to a collection of our best selling resources for over 90% OFF designed to help store owners (like you) get more new customers and revenue.

And we’re not talking about one-off strategies that only work once and train your customers to not respect your prices…

Or the type of strategies that sacrifice your brand ethos and provide more harm than good in the long run…

We’re talking about strategies that attract quality customers who respect you, happily pay your prices, and continue shopping with you, again and again.

And I’m going to show you how to use these strategies to generate surges of revenue with so much certainty and predictability…

If you follow what I give you, you WILL get more sales and customers.

Simple as that.

Why would I offer all of this for such a ridiculously low price? Doesn't that just fly in the face of what I've just said?

Can I let you in on a secret?

This promotion WILL get me more customers.

And I know, a percentage of you might want to work with me further, if you find value from our initial interaction.

So, when I’ve weighed that all up, I know I can afford to offer this promotion to get you to know what’s it’s like working with me.

And even if we don't work together, I'll know that you've got all the resources YOU need, to create a record-breaking Black Friday. And I'm good with that!

Alright enough buildup, here’s what you’re going to get instant access to, in my Ultimate Black Friday Bundle.

Framework #1:

How to Create Crazy Successful Sales Campaign In A Weekend

What If You Could Create A Crazy Successful Sales Campaign... In A Weekend?

Get everything you need to rack up a hot pile of sales WITHOUT having to go through a lengthy course that takes WEEKS to consume…


How to Create Crazy Successful Sales Campaign In A Weekend

What If You Could Create A Crazy Successful Sales Campaign... In A Weekend?

Get everything you need to rack up a hot pile of sales WITHOUT having to go through a lengthy course that takes WEEKS to consume…

Inside of this training I’ll Reveal…

  • How you can run promotions that don’t have to be difficult and how a “quick n dirty” campaign can make you more sales than one that you had procrastinated over and then put together in a hurry.

  • How you can go from an overworked, underpaid shopkeeper bogged down in the day-to-day busy work, to a retail/eCom CEO who has a system in place and doesn’t need to work 16 hours a day for their business to make money.

  • How to create a sales generating machine of a campaign to bring more money into your business than you ever did before.

Bonus Resource #1

The Ultimate Promo Run Sheet

Discover The Game-Changing Secrets that our retail & ecommerce store owners have used to generate hundreds of thousands of dolllars worldwide.
💰 Cynthia used it to generate $17,500 in just 5 hours.
💰💰 Dionne created an event that had people lining up for two HOURS to pay, and netted her $30,000 in a weekend.
💰💰💰 And Ashley's $60k Single Promotion Success all happened using THE Ultimate Promo Run Sheet

Bonus Resource #2

How to Recover Lost Sales Playbook

Imagine if you could encourage 20, 30 or 40% of lost shoppers to come back and buy from you at another time? How would those extra sales impact the revenue of your business?

Attracting new customers to your online or brick+mortar store can cost up to five times more than retaining existing customers. So it pays to stay focused on strategies that help you retain customers and actively sell to those who have already found their way to your store.

In this resource you'll discover why you're losing sales, where untapped customers are hiding and effective strategies to turn lookers into buyers; including a step-by-step module on creating a high converting abandoned cart sequence.

Bonus Resource #3

Product Descriptions That Convert Playbook

Crafting product descriptions can feel like an overwhelming task, especially when you have a to-do list as long as your arm. But they are one of the most vital and important tools you can use to

  • Generate more organic traffic

  • Increase your sales

  • Process fewer returns

In this resource, my team and I will provide you with not only a system for writing product descriptions that will turn lookers into buyers but also help you create a template that you can use to outsource your product description creation to a staff member or a freelancer.

Bonus Resource #4

Re-Engaging Your Email List Playbook

Digital marketing delivers a whopping 122% return on investment. This means it continues to out deliver all other media channels, including social media by a long shot. But so many retailers ignore the gold mine they have tucked away in the back of their point of sale system or their email program.

In this Resource you'll...

  • Discover the fundamental differences between emails that communicate, engage and convert.

  • Learn how to track your email open and conversion rates so you can create more impactful content.

  • Unlock a goldmine of customers that are sitting waiting to hear from you and how you can reignite a conversation with them right now.

  • Create a killer re-engagement campaign with step-by-step instructions and swipe copy.

Bonus Resource #5

Create Emails That Beg To Be Opened

This resource will go hand-in-hand with the resource above - allowing you to see a significant increase in your email open rates.

Did you know that majority of the emails you send don’t even get seen by your customers?

With this resource we’ll be showing you exactly how to train your customers to be on the hunt for your emails in even the most flooded of inboxes.

Allowing you to have your marketing messages be seen by more people and ultimately drive more revenue and sales to your store.

Basic math tells us that if we can get our message into the hands of more people - and all other metrics stay the same - we will see an increase in sales.

That’s exactly what this resource will help you to accomplish.

Bonus Resource #6

How To Repurpose Content

In this resource, we’ll show you how you can use each piece of content to be a little salesperson going out into the market and working 24/7 to spread your brand awareness - all without a salary!

Meaning you don’t have to work as much and can reclaim hours of your time every week.

It also allows you to stay top of mind for your customers and reach them where they interact the most.

This is the best way to deploy the highest amount of leverage with every piece of content you post.

Bonus Resource #7

Customer Marketing Blueprint

Have you heard of the saying “What gets measured gets managed”?

In this resource we’ll break down how to set up proper tracking for your customers and marketing efforts.

Because if you don’t have a reliable way to track your efforts, you could be spending time and resources into areas that are not profitable, and have likely fallen into the “blind archery trap”

Imagine trying to shoot an arrow and hit a bullseye without knowing where the target is or what you’re actually aiming for.

You’re basically shooting blind.

So in this resource we’ll help you set up a reliable tracking system to measure your marketing efforts and know with crystal clarity which areas are driving results for your business.

Allowing you to cut out all of the noie and double down on what’s working.

Bonus Resource #8

My Black Friday Strategy Podcast Bundle

Want the behind the scenes advice on what works?

I've bundled up my most-downloaded podcast into the quick reference podcast bundle, so you can get the low down on what ACTUALLY works, straight to your phone.

So What’s The Investment?

If you were to go to our store and try buying all of these trainings at any other time, it would cost you up to $971.

And even at that price point it’s a complete steal given that we’ve had customers earn up to $20,000 in a single weekend by deploying just one of these resources into their store…

But I’m not going to charge that much

Because I want to get this in the hands of as many store owners as possible.

So, for a limited time only, you can get lifetime access to my Black Friday Bundle for just

One Simple Payment of $197.

And there’s no risk on your end for getting your hands on this offer, because you’re protected by…


ROI Guarantee

Because I am are giving you our best selling resources for getting more customers and revenue into your store, I want to back it up to make sure you get results.

That’s why you’re protected by our 365 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you apply what’s in this training and you don’t make triple what you’ve paid over the year, we’ll give you a full 100% refund.

No questions asked.

So you can get the bundle, go through the trainings, and put our resources to the test for a full 365 days.

If after giving it your best shot, you don’t generate more customers and revenue or get an ROI on your investment, simply lodge a return ticket inside of the portal and submit your debriefs and we’ll give you a prompt no questions asked refund.

Here Are Some Students Who Deployed These Resources Into Their Store

Teagan M.

"I can't believe that I've 5X'd my revenue in just 5 months! All the stuff that I used to spend my days doing is now a thing of the past and I get to choose which parts of the business I work on every day. I have a team that run my store, I've outsourced our jewellery making and our ecommerce store is turning over more money than ever. I'm just about to open another store!"


"Sal guided me step-by-step through some of the biggest changes in my business. The strategies she used were tested in her own retail stores and weren't just the same old ideas everyone else has, which made me feel confident she would take me in the right direction (even when she was kicking my butt). The changes in my business have been HUGE. My store is more profitable than ever before, I've completely redesigned both my space and my range and thanks to the hiring guide I now have a team of great sales clerks who allow me the time to work on expanding my business. I love where I'm at right now."

Lisa S.

"I used to turn up to the calls AT my sewing machine, because I couldn't stop working or I'd fall behind. Fast forward just 12 months later and I no longer do any sewing (I work with a team that also does Stella McCartney!) my business has boomed AND I just finished up exhibiting at a trade fair. I never really thought about what a 'successful business' would look like, but this is it! I'm so excited for the future"


“We've had a 13% increase in orders in just a few weeks! 🥳”


“I generated $20k in just a couple of hours with stock I'd been holding for YEARS. 💃 💃 💃 💃”

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